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The Mini Show

The Mini Show is suitable for schools & nurseries, birthday parties and events.

  • In a 60mn format,  The Mini Show involves two practitioners. A theater/puppetry performance & a professionnal musician. 

You can choose from our range of musicians/instruments, accordion, violon, clarinet, guitar, fiddle, percussions, flute…

We discuss the content of the show together to agree on a theme/music, we also ask for a list of your child/children favorites songs to perfom a bespoked gig with them.

Always with our magic dust, our wild bubble machine and our full of colors suitcase for you to spend a magical moment! 

From £250 with discount available for bulk bookings/certain type of events. 

  • We also offer a 30mn format (story telling and puppetry perfomance) for nurseries & schools from £50 per session.
Available in English or French 

Our weekly show

Martin Avril presents a live music puppetry show with musicians coming from all around the world. Fiddle, accordion, guitar, darbouka, clarinet, charango... Expect to hear all about Bolivian, Russian, Turkish, French, Klezmer, Irish, Brazilian, Spanish music...

We have a magic golden dust with some special powers, a wild bubble machine and loads of colorful things hidden everywhere.

A funny Martin, theater performance, animal puppets, a lot of travelling and live music, use-your-imagination play, singalong, props, that's what you can expect when meeting us!
We'll sing traditionals songs from the country we are travelling to, nursery rhymes and wild music throughout! PS : You'll have to laugh to Martin's jokes (I am working on it.)

“Music is the universal language of mankind.”

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow