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Bonjour, Hello, Dobar Dan, Merhaba, Buenos Dias, Buongiorno, Privjet, it’s me, Martin Avril! I am a BearKey (Oursinge) from France, and you, where are you from? 

It’s so nice to meet you! I have been travelling so much lately that it’s good to settle here in London. But it’s out of the question that I stop singing the songs I have learned from my trips all around the world. I hope that you like music because I would love to sing all of them with you all! That’s so exciting… 

Do you know what is exciting as well? What I carry in my magic suitcase…Yes, magic indeed, it’s always full of colors, scarves, instruments, various objects from my travels and I have also been told that it’s the favorite hiding place of all my friends, now that I know…

For me, our shows are like a song, it has a rythmn and a nice cadence to follow.

With live music throughout with wonderfully talented musician each week, singalongs, props, lot of fun with my puppet friends and I, an immersive and engaging story and also some songs in the language of the country we are exploring, to develop our curiosity and openness to different cultures.

That’s it for London! 

What about kids from around the world? Of course I thought about you! 

I have made sure to record myself and film our wonderful musicians so you can have access to it!

But not only, I have made delicious cooking recipes, flashcards, mini animated videos with questions and riddles, playlists of loveeely songs & more…

Illustrated by Morgane Chinal-Dargent


"Donia and Martin are a fantastic team. They create a fun and magic atmosphere for both lads and grown-ups. With the help of friendly and talented musicians, they do an excellent job taking us around the world in their Valise. It always leaves us eager to experience next week travels 😄🌍I highly recommend it for kids of all ages in the early years." Nayol, Mum to Nala, 6 months old.
Wonderfully engaging and playful, coupled with fantastic musical collaborations from an array of accomplished musicians from around the world. As the parent of a bi-lingual toddler I would highly recommend these sessions!
Marcus, Dad to Emmanuel, 2.5 yo.
Absolutely amazing! I attended for the first time the show this week and it was brilliant. Activities for Children in French are rare and I highly recommend this one. My daughter loved is so much, the story and the musician were incredible. It's very engaging and magical. Thank you Donia for this great experience and we can't wait to come back.
Céline, Mum to Amélie, 20 months old.

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