In our shows, you will meet a different professional musician each week. 

One day accordion, the other one latin harp but also guitar, fiddle, kanun, percussions, darbouka, charango, flute, panpipes, there’s always something to learn with our talented team. 

They will teach your little ones about the instrument itself, the kind of sounds it makes, where it’s being played in the world and you will join their solo in a beautiful rythmn. 

If you don’t know the story of Martin Avril yet, you will soon find out! 

Martin is a Bearkey…. (His mama is a bear and his dada is a monkey!) from France.

But Martin now lives in a secret planet where he collects a magic stardust every six days. The stardust then develops magical powers and one of them is to make Martin travel in a blink of an eye! 

In his old brownsuitcase, Martin brings back from his trips around the world loads of instruments, scarves, animal friends and much more…

So far, Martin has explored a long list of countries and every week, he takes children of London with him. 

We’ve been together to France, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Nigeria, Colombia, Russia, Greece, Algeria… and we have discovered so much about world music and they’ve been thrilled to enjoy this live experience, to even touch the instrument and get their own world music instrument that Martin has brought back from each country he’s been visiting!