Hello, bonjour, it’s me Donia, 

I am the person behind Martin Avril! 

I am a native French Speaker from Paris  and I moved to London in 2016 initially for 6 months as a Jeune fille au pair in a French family and…here I am,  years later! 

I have been into theatre and visual arts as far as I can remember. I used to be a very shy kid and theatre has been a game changer for me. It brought me confidence,  discipline and allowed me to feel more comfortable with myself and others.

I am graduated from a pluridisciplinary theatre school in Paris and I’ve also been working with children for a long time. 

And then I thought, what about combining your love for visual and live performance  to create something unique? 

That’s how Les Aventures de Martin Avril was born! 

We specialise in  providing the best experience by working with professional musicians from around the world to develop curiosity and openness to different cultures. In our live or recorded sessions, it’s the occasion for children to explore instruments they would like not see  in an other context.  

As a native French speaker and  a language lover, I emphasize  how important it is to support children in the early years   to create an emotional bond with a language and give them the best tools   to do so.

One day, your little one will thank you for having accompanied them on this beautiful path.  


It surely changed mine.
With love,